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Spidey August 2018

I was recently in an art slump after failing to finish something to my satisfaction. I was scrolling through facebook and noticed a post from Wacom featuring Todd McFarlane doing a short video tutorial on drawing Spidey. Anyone who has known me for more than 12 seconds knows my deep love for Spider-man, he has always been an inspiration for me and I keep him with me at all times.

Despite my love for Spider-man I've never really done any real Spidey art. I guess I always wanted to put it off until I was a better artist so I could do him justice.

Well, the post from Wacom was actually promoting a contest they were doing that involved redrawing one of Todd McFarlane's Spidey pictures, but in your own style.

I felt like like I was being gently prodded to try again. So, with Spider-man guiding me I decided to take a swing at the contest and do my first real piece of Spidey art.

Gregory george spidey

My beloved Spider-man